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Thomson, IL Prison

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Thomson, IL Prison

As it comes time to make the decision to relocate for your new position at the Thomson Correctional Center in Thomson, Illinois, Howes and Jefferies has a team of experienced and highly credible realtors to help ensure your search for a new home is successful.  Howes & Jefferies is a pre-approved relocation vendor through the Brookfield relocation program, and if you visit the “our team” tab on our home page you can see the experience for yourself.

During the relocation process you are going to be spending most of your time adapting to your new position at the Thomson Correctional Center, and may not have ample time to investigate all of your options.  Howes and Jefferies Realtors are able to work with your schedule, and keep you well informed on all of your options.  Our realtors are here to work with you, so we will use what you may already have in mind to find a house in the Thomson area that is a great match for what you need.

We not only sell houses in the Clinton area, we also have listings anywhere from Mt. Carroll to Morrison to Clinton to Sabula and the towns in between.  It is important to get a view of the areas we represent through the “Search Listings” tab on our home page.  A majority of our Realtors are long-time residents of this area.  We are here to do more than find you a home, we can help you become a part of this new community to make this transition as comfortable as possible.

At Howes and Jefferies we understand the difficulties of relocating to a new area and taking on a new job. We will be here to make your transition smooth and welcoming, so you can focus on your new position.  Let us do our job, so you can focus on your new one.

If you’re moving to this area and would like a community information packet, please contact us.

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